About Damian Child

Damian Child (born Andrea Iden in Germany in 1965), emigrated to Australia in 1971 and started learning guitar at the age of a 11 in the suburban bliss of 70s Lower Templestowe; a suburb of Melbourne.

Early exposure to Aussie bands at Ringwood Iceland and various Melbourne pubs fueled Child’s desire to join a band. Her first bass was gifted to her by Dead Can Dance bass player Paul Erikson and and her first recording was backing vocals on Dixie Truck Stop by Melbourne’s Olympic Sideburns.

She studied graphic design at Box Hill TAFE for a year before switching into the music program where she played double bass in the school’s production of Carmina Burana, touring regional Victoria in 1982.

Her first band was Feline Touch, which included members of Too Much Hair for the BBC, and who debuted at the legendary Tote in 1987.

After being introduced to Sherry Rich by a mutual friend, Tony Harper from Voodoo Lust, Damian became a member of all-girl band, Girl Monstar; formed in 1987 by Rich and debuting at the infamous “Heroes/Users Club” on 11/11/88. The band played extensively, as headliners at venues like the Evelyn Hotel, The Punters Club, The Esplanade and The Hopetoun, supporting some of Australia’s biggest bands including the Hoodoo Gurus, Divinyls and Skyhooks as well as international acts like The Buzzcocks, The Ramones and Skid Row.

Damian and Girl Monstar parted ways in 1991, after the recording, but prior to the release, of the band’s debut album, Monstereo Delicio.

Damian took some time out, playing with cover bands and writing more original songs, before joining the techno-rock band Sine. The band signed one of the first digital distribution deals with an American distributor in New York.

Damian left Sine to concentrate on her own material and revisit her first and primary love, Powerpop.

The previously unreleased tracks from the album 9, were recorded in the early and late 90s before Damian put down her bass and focused on raising her family.

Damian said “In a way I feel like I was the only member that continued to carry the Girl Monstar powerpop flag. After the demise of the band each of the other girls returned to their country roots and whilst they’ve done great work, it might be disappointing to the people that loved Girl Monstar.”

As someone who’s always looking for new music in the genres she likes, Damian said “I feel that some of these songs are great, and some of these songs are shit, but i’m releasing them for the people that are curious and might get some joy out of hearing them regardless. Enjoy!”